Student-Alert : A New Standard in Educational Communication

No more pieces of paper to get lost , instead keep students and parents up to date with:




Attendance Records


School Events

Customisable consent forms and leave applications

SAVE on printing, SMS charges and retyping costs (everything is saved for amendment and reuse).

ALWAYS be sure the RIGHT information gets to the RIGHT person.

Perils of Paper

Common uses of paper in a school environment include:

  • Timetables
  • Attendance records
  • Homework assignments
  • Homework diaries for parental monitoring
  • Messages to parents
  • Requests for authorisation from parents and
  • Announcements of special events
  • How much does your school spend on paper and printing every week?
  • How many messages go missing?
  • How many reminders have to be sent to parents that authorisation is still needed for a school trip, for example?
  • Do you ever wish to change the timetable but don’t, because of the cost and inconvenience?
  • How many hours a week are wasted on compiling attendance records from teachers’ lists?

With Student-Alert, all that paperwork, inefficiency and expense disappears.

Key Features

  • Web portal for school management and teaching staff
  • App, downloaded to mobile phone or tablet, for students and parents/guardian
  • Separate app for teachers
  • Emails and other notifications sent instantly to defined sets of recipients
  • Timetable can be set, distributed and amended whenever required
  • Homework and attendance can be monitored and managed
  • Information can be gathered efficiently through customisable, interactive forms

Key Benefits

  • No printing
  • No paperwork to go astray
  • Only type messages once, save and customise for further use
  • Immediate delivery of important communications
  • More efficient responses from parents/guardian
  • Parents and students are more engaged when they are better informed
  • Better value than SMS-based systems

How it Works

The school controls outgoing information from an online portal:

  • Emails and other notifications can be sent to defined recipients
  • Timetables can be issued for each class
  • Homework is set and attendance recorded by teachers
  • Forms can be defined, issued and retained, with responses collected and saved.

Students and their parents/guardian increasingly have their own smartphone or tablet, making now the right time to move to StudentAlert. Each student, plus up to 2 parents and a guardian, has access to an app, which is downloaded to a mobile phone or tablet, giving access to:

  • Emails and notifications
  • The student’s timetable, homework and attendance
  • Details of special events and
  • Forms to be completed and returned.

Parental information should already be available from registration contact information, so setting up StudentAlert will usually be straightforward.

Teachers have their own app, allowing timetabling, homework, attendance and messaging to be managed.

The Student Alert App